Options Trading 101 Workshop

Options Trading 101 Workshop

Options Trading 101 Workshop Review

Finding the best way to learn options trading can be intimidating and scary. That’s where Todd Capital and Gumroad come to the rescue with one of the best options trading training courses available. Showing you the What, Where and How of Options trading.

Todd Capital’s Options Trading 101 workshop covers a broad spectrum of the options trading basics, it is the perfect course for beginners and experienced traders alike, and it is by far the most affordable course available on the internet today.

The almost free options trading course has 709 glowing reviews from previous students who cannot stop hailing praises of both the stock options trading course and Todd Capital. With an online options trading course such as this one, you will learn skills to give yourself financial freedom to either work from home or create a secondary income to cover holidays, emergencies or perhaps you want a comfortable retirement.

Here’s the 411 on Todd Capital’s 101 Course

Todd Capital’s Options Trading 101 workshop is a comprehensive options trading course for beginners. If completed correctly, it will empower you to reach all of your financial goals, be that to work from home or create a secondary income you can squirrel away for those rainy days.

The Options Trading 101 workshop covers a wide variety of topics but makes it very clear that the course is not a trading master class, nor does it contain everything you could ever need to know about stock and options trading. However, here are some of the topics that will be covered by the simple options trading workshop:

The stock options trading workshop will use Todd Capital’s own experience as a base for the workshop, all at an unbelievably low price, which is probably why it has garnered over 700 raving reviews. Todd Capital’s Options Trading 101 Workshop is the perfect course for you if you have been curious about options trading courses.

What You Will Learn From Todd Capital’s Options Trading 101 Workshop

Todd Capital’s Gumroad workshop will teach you his methodology and show you an options trading example of how he personally earned a small fortune at a remarkably high return on investment in under a year.

Todd Capital will also teach you the stock marketing basics, or as he refers to it fundamentals. You will also learn all the options trading strategies for beginners, but not before you learn all the terminologies alongside all the other options trading tools you will need.

How Long Is the Course?

One of the most attractive parts of learning online is that how long it takes to complete or learn from a course or workshop is entirely up to you and your free time.

This particular options trading crash course has 5 video lectures and presentation slides that you can work through entirely at your own pace. It is about finding the balance between making the progress you want to make in the options trading video course and retaining the vital information in a meaningful way.

What Bonuses Does Workshop Include?

Todd Capital’s Gumroad workshop bonuses are what makes it one of the best options trading for beginner’s workshops available. The course manages to give bonus material and resources despite its exceptionally low pricing.

The bonus material includes:

Discounted access to Todd Capital’s trading group

  • Links to books to further your understanding and methodology of trading stocks

  • Links to private YouTube videos that will help you become even more profitable as a trader.

There are options trading for beginners courses and workshops that cost a whole lot more than Todd Capital’s Options Trading 101 Workshop, which does not offer any bonus material, which is a testament to the quality and value of this options trading explained workshop.

How Much Does It Cost, Though?

Finally, a course that understands that everyone wants to better themselves. However, not everyone has the bank balance to fund those dreams. The Todd Capital Gumroad workshop is among the top options trading recommendations given online as it is a “Pay-What-You-Want” workshop. It does have a suggested minimum price of $10, even though the course value is well over $100.

The Options Trading 101 workshop is a testament to high-quality courses not having to charge thousands of dollars to make a difference, as Todd Capital is virtually allowing people to learn options trading free of charge.

What Will I Take Away From The Course?

Because Todd Capital’s workshop is the best free options trading course, well almost free, you will find online it will empower you to use the skills you learn to create a secondary income to achieve all your financial goals, or perhaps you desire to be one of the biggest options trading companies in the world. Whatever your dreams are, this workshop will allow you to identify the best stocks for options trading today and turn your dreams into reality.

Who Is The Workshop For?

Todd Capital’s 101 workshop is one of the most sought-after options trading seminars because it is not only for one specific type of person. Rather the workshop is for anyone who is just starting out in the world of stock trading to the person who has been trading for a while but wants to take their skills to the next level.

Options trading is made easy by this world-class workshop that is designed to help anyone raise their skill level to achieve results that will allow them to claim financial freedom.

How Do I Buy the Course?

Gumroad makes it incredibly easy to purchase courses from its platform. All you have to do is register for a Gumroad account and sign in to it. Once you have done so, you can purchase the course by navigating to Todd Capital’s profile, where you will see a bunch of courses, but if you filter by Featured, you will see it is the first course on the screen.

It is highly recommendable to pay what you believe the course is worth, as long as you can afford it.

Pros & Cons


  • The workshop offers great bonus material despite its affordable pricing.
  • The workshop pricing is “pay-what-you-want”, allowing you to pay exactly what you can afford.
  • Due to the digital nature of the workshop, you can complete it at your own pace.


  • There is no guarantee offered by the creator, as results may vary from student to student.


The Todd Capital options course truly is one of the best workshops offered. It has and will continue to empower so many people to reach their financial freedom and goals, all for the low price of whatever the student can afford is a testament that it is not some fly-by-night course just to generate an income for the instructor.