Yoga Poses for Gamers

Yoga Poses for Gamers

YoGamers! Yoga Poses for Gamers Review

If you have been gaming any amount of time in your life, you have undoubtedly come across some unwanted back pain or wrist pain during the day one session of the latest release of your favourite title, be that Call of Duty, God of War, Sonic or Pokemon.

 Maybe you have considered getting a weightlifting personal trainer, or perhaps you have Googled for cardio exercise near me, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could just do some light stretches before, during or after your session to prevent the pain from cutting your gaming session short?

Well, that’s where AmberGlow’s YoGamers! Yoga Poses for Gamers comes to the rescue. This Gumroad course is as if you have your very own weight loss trainer at home. This Gumroad course has been considered the best certified personal trainer course for gamers as it does not require you to have any experience in yoga or any fitness activity at all.

Perhaps you have Googled gyms with yoga classes near me and found the lessons to be too expensive, or that you need to be more comfortable working out with other people around. Then this is the perfect Gumroad Yoga course for you, as it is affordable, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

YoGamers! Yoga Poses for Gamers In a Nutshell

As mentioned before, the biggest feather in this Gumroad course’s cap is the fact that it is designed from the ground up, especially for gamers with no flexibility or yoga experience, so you don’t need to have your NASM yoga certification just to do this course.

However, even if you are not a gamer but just someone who works for hours at a desk a day or whatever, your personal workout goals may be AmberGlow’s YoGamers! It is an excellent and affordable place to start.

AmberGlow’s YoGamer’s Gumroad course is specifically created to help you to achieve personal training goals to keep you gaming in a healthy and happy way. The course offers:

  • Non Intensive workout to help present common gaming maladies
  • Focusing on bettering flexibility
  • Building joint and muscle strength

You may think that personal training courses, such as NASM courses or this yoga for gamers Gumroad course, may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Perhaps you think it’s some monthly subscription. However, you would be wrong, AmberGlow’s YoGamers! It is less than the monthly cost of GamePass Ultimate, and it’s a one-time purchase to boot.

It is easy to see why this course has 5-star reviews as, alongside its affordability, it does not require you to buy tons of expensive equipment, unlike other internationally recognized personal training courses.

What Does The YoGamers! Gumroad Course Have To Teach Me?

AmberGlow’s YoGamer’s Gumroad course is an excellent jumping-off point if you want to start studying personal training in Yoga or general fitness, as it covers all the basics of yoga, such as flexibility, power, concentration and balance.

You can stop searching for 30-minute fitness classes near me and try AmberGlow’s Yogamers! Gumroad course to avoid getting back pain, wrist pain and other common issues that arise whilst in the mists of trying to get that legendary armour or defeat that God-forsaken Guardian Ape in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.


How Long Is This Gumroad Course?

This online fitness trainer course does not have a required time limit or expiration date. You can read through the beautifully illustrated ebook in your own time and do the poses as it bests suits you to achieve your gaming and fitness goals.

There are no other yoga-based physical trainer courses that focus on gaming health and endurance that can keep you gaming happily and healthily.  AmberGlow is a great personal trainer who is patient and attentive in her live IRL classes that you gain access to once you have purchased this Gumroad course.

Do I Get Any Included Bonus Materials?

Personal training and nutrition courses tend not to have bonus material at such affordable pricing. However, AmberGlow being a gamer herself, understands that everybody love’s some DLC when it’s done right.

AmberGlow’s YoGamers! personal fitness course is considered one of the best online personal training courses you can purchase today as it is very affordable. However, it still has bonus personal yoga lessons that create an intimate experience.

It is not difficult to see why it has garnered the praise of being the best online weight loss course for gamers available on Gumroad or any other platform today.

What Does YoGamers! Yoga Poses for Gamers Cost?

Finding a weight loss course online free of misinformation or constant promotion of additionally “required” content from the same creator can sometimes be more frustrating than scripting in the EA FIFA titles.

However, AmberGlow is a part of the industry-leading DoYogaWithMe team, which has many short personal training courses that cover many different aspects of yoga. In spite of the course’s very affordable $10 price tag, you will not find any promotional links to “complete the course” Everything you need to successfully see results are included for $10.

Especially when compared to other cheap personal training courses, YoGamers! Yoga Poses for Gamers is a genuine bargain as it does exactly as advertised with no-nonsense, as it was designed for gamers by a gamer.

What Results Can I Expect From Completing YoGamers?

This yoga-based personal instructor course aims to prevent you from having a terrible gaming experience because of common gaming injuries such as tight hips, backaches, and sore wrists.

Other online physical training courses, such as intense cardio workouts, may help you with general fitness and health but may either agitate or worsen gaming injuries when not correctly done.

So you can use AmberGlow’s personal fitness training course as a supplement to an already existing fitness regime to prevent gaming injuries or strengthen them before other workouts. However, you can also use AmberGlow’s YoGamers! Yoga Poses for Gamers entirely on their own.

Do I need To Know How To Do Yoga To Take This Course?

Not at all. As mentioned before, YoGamers! Yoga Poses for Gamers is one of the best pt courses specifically for gamers, regardless if they have years of yoga experience or none at all.

Who knows, it could even be the start button you press to access a new career as a budding yoga instructor and get you to look up other fitness trainer training courses so you can pay it forward to other gamers.

How Do I Buy The YoGamers! Course?

Gumroad makes it very easy to purchase any accredited personal training courses on its site. All you have to do is register for a new Gumroad account. However, if you already have a Gumroad account, then all you have to do is log in.

Once you have logged into your Gumroad account, you can navigate to the “More” tab and click on All Fitness and Health. Then you will want to click on yoga at the top of the screen. Once the page has loaded, you can filter what’s on the screen by Most Reviewed.

YoGamers! Yoga Poses for Gamers by Amber Glow will be the very first course you see on the top left of the list. Complete the checkout process, and AmberGlow ‘s physical fitness trainer course is all yours.

Pros & Cons


  • It makes you a happy and healthy gamer
  • The course is very affordable
  • Is great for all gamers young noobs to veteran gamers and everyone in between


  • No instant results


As there are no other physical training instructor courses that specialize in gaming or extended stagnant lifestyles such as office jobs, amongst many others, it is truly a pioneer in its field. Yet, unlike untested video games, there are no experience-breaking bugs.

So try this Yoga for gamers course and stop looking for that online course for gym trainers and become a healthier, happier gamer or office worker today.