Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners by Rossella Forastiero Review

Suppose you have been looking to change your physical appearance or just reach new fitness heights without taking on torturous intensive cardio workouts or a strict weightlifting personal trainer. In that case, Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga For Beginners is an excellent Gumroad course for you.

Perhaps you have Googled for cardio exercise near me or gyms with yoga classes near me and found them to be too expensive, or the rigorous dedication to meet at the same time on the same day every week just does not match your busy schedule.

That is why Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga For Beginners Gumroad course has been designed specifically for busy people like you at an affordable price. It is as if you have your very own weight loss trainer at home. Rossella Forastiero has set out to create the best certified personal trainer course for beginners, as it has simple and intuitive video classes that focus on the basic concepts of yoga.

What Is Yoga For Beginners All About?

Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga For Beginners is the perfect course for a broad audience, from someone who has never done any fitness to the aspiring yoga instructor looking to gain their NASM yoga certification.

Whatever your personal workout goals may be, Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga For Beginners has you covered, whether it is to reach the pinnacle of your fitness capabilities or just to regain some flexibility and mobility from working a desk job many hours a week. This Gumroad course will help you achieve those personal training goals, and it also offers you the following:

  • Music integrated into the practices.
  • A free meditation on self-esteem
  • Simple and intuitive video classes

You may think that personal training courses, such as NASM courses or this yoga for beginners Gumroad course, may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, you would be wrong. Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga For Beginners is less than the cost of a night at the movies.

It is easy to see why this Gumroad Yoga course has only received 5-star reviews.  Because, unlike other internationally recognised personal training courses, it does not require you to buy tons of expensive equipment, and it is also super affordable.

What Can I Learn from Rossella Forastiero’s Gumroad Course?

Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga for beginners is such an excellent course that you could use it to start studying personal training in Yoga or general fitness, as it covers all the basics of yoga, such as flexibility, power, concentration and balance and includes zoom-based advanced classes once you have mastered the basics.

No more Googling for 30-minute fitness classes near me, as everything you could need from a personal fitness yoga course is right here in Yoga for Beginners.

How Long Is The Yoga For Beginners Gumroad Course?

This particular online fitness trainer course should be completed in around five weeks as it covers a lot of ground, such as all of the basic fundamentals of yoga and meditation, along with advanced classes that are hosted on zoom.

In contrast, other physical trainer courses would cover these subjects in multiple personal training courses or monthly subscription packages. This is what sets Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga For Beginners Gumroad course apart from its competition.

Do I Get Any Included Bonus Materials?

Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga For Beginners Gumroad course holds its own against other personal training and nutrition courses as it is not only very affordable but also includes excellent bonus material, which we have briefly touched on, such as:

  • Advanced online classes recorded by zoom live
  • Music integrated into the practices
  • A free meditation on self-esteem
  • Other tips for exercise and daily life

Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga For Beginners personal fitness course is considered one of the best online personal training courses you can purchase today, thanks to the great bonuses that are included. It is not difficult to see why it has garnered the praise of being the best online weight loss course for beginners available on any platform today.

How Much Does This Gumroad Course Cost?

Finding a weight loss course online free of unnecessarily complicated workouts or promotional material for other classes by the same creator can be a little frustrating and challenging.

However, Rossella Forastiero’s Gumroad course contains no extra fluff, such as promotional material for other short personal training courses. Everything you need to reach your fitness goals is completely included in the $29.99 course.

Especially when compared to other cheap personal training courses, Yoga For Beginners is a genuine bargain as it does exactly as advertised on top of offering excellent value bonus material.

What Results Can I Expect From Yoga For Beginners?

This yoga-based personal instructor course has been designed for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their personal fitness, whether they be brand new to any form of working out or experienced fitness veterans.

Other intense online physical training courses may work for some. However, suppose you are new to the fitness world or have existing injuries. In that case, extreme cardio or weight workouts may hinder your experience rather than help you achieve your goals.

That is why Yoga for Beginners, Rossella Forastiero’s Gumroad personal fitness training course, is considered one of the best places to start your fitness journey, as it is non-intensive. Yet, it still empowers you to reach all of your fitness goals.

Do I need To Know How to Do Yoga to Take This Course?

As the name implies, this Gumroad course is perfect for beginners. In fact, it is considered one of the best pt courses specifically for beginners. However, it offers a sufficient challenge and workout for those who have been doing yoga for a while and are looking to upgrade their game.

In some cases, it has even been the course that some online instructors have used to start their certification journey, among other fitness trainer training courses.

How Do I Buy The Yoga For Beginners Course?

Gumroad makes it very easy to purchase any accredited personal training courses on its site. All you have to do is register for a new Gumroad account. However, if you already have a Gumroad account, then all you have to do is log in.

Once you have logged into your Gumroad account, you can navigate to the “More” tab and click on All Fitness and Health. Then you will want to click on yoga at the top of the screen. Once the page has loaded, you can filter what’s on the screen by Highest Rated.

Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga For Beginners will be the sixth course you see on the right of the list. Complete the checkout process, and this Gumroad physical fitness trainer course is all yours.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to follow along
  • The course is very affordable
  • It comes with tons of great bonuses


  • No instant results


Other physical training instructor courses specialising in Yoga tend to be over-specialised, leaving beginners needing clarification and support. However, Rossella Forastiero has designed this course perfectly for beginners and will have you feeling rejuvenated and empowered in no time.

An expensive online course for gym trainers is not the only way; try Rossella Forastiero’s Yoga for beginners today. Then, all you have to lose is that unwanted weight!