The Wolverine Program

The Wolverine Program

The Wolverine Program Gumroad Course Review

You love Wolverine as much as us, right? We can’t wait to see Hugh Jackman once again next year in Deadpool 3 which will probably be funnier than expected. The Wolverine mantle has not yet been turned in by Jackman, and while it is probably his last movie as the strongest X-Men, his legacy lives on in many media. Comics are one of the ways the character lives on, and thanks to Alexander J.A. Cortes, Wolverine lives on in unexpected places such as a Gumroad course.

While Jackman probably pays a private trainer cost that we can’t even imagine, this course will get you look like him in the famous role without paying a small fortune. With this Gumroad course, you won’t need to search for pilates reformer classes near me. As a matter of fact, this one’s more advanced than pilates. It doesn’t just make you lose weight. It sculpts your body to look like the iconic X-Men member, not the rare and ferocious animal living in Canada and Alaska.

If you’ve tried for a while to achieve that sculpted Wolverine look, this is the program you need.

The Wolverine Program Course

Developed by one of the elite fitness trainers in the business, Alexander J.A. Cortes, the Wolverine Program is one of the most popular Gumroad fitness courses. The famous fitness trainer has plenty of experience in sculpting bodies and many satisfied customers. It’s not called the Wolverine Program just like that. The program is an in-depth study in how Hugh Jackman transformed his body for more than a decade to create that iconic physique. If you watched any of the movies, you’re probably jealous of the Aussie. We know we do, but hamburgers and beer simply taste better.

Well, not anymore. This in-depth course will help you make the right decisions for your health and achieve Jackman’s look for the legendary role that will do more than just impress the ladies next summer. This isn’t a simple fitness course that will make you buff. It truly works to help you achieve the superhero look you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t get even with regular gym workouts.

Jackman has touted focus on his body, mind, and spirit to look like that, and this Gumroad course will tell you how it all works. It’s a lengthy program, but it’s not as expensive as a gym trainer cost, so we’d say it’s the better choice.

What You’ll Learn from This Gumroad Course

Jackman has played the iconic superhero for nearly 2 decades. He’s endured a lot over the years, but such a physique is worth it. The program is a personal creation of Alexander Cortes and is over five months long. Let’s just clear things from the get go. It’s not the easiest course, but you should look like Wolverine in five months, something which Jackman has trained for over 10 years.

It’s a basic, yet brutal training method. Becoming the Wolverine is more than just eating right and lifting weights. It requires a special diet too, and plenty of focus. It can’t be done at home. The 1 on 1 personal training is best done in a gym unless you’re equipped like the Rock’s personal home gym.

How Much Time Will It Take to Get the Body of X-Men’s Strongest Member?

Five months at the very least. That’s what this personal training degree program promises. It might take more, but the course lasts that much. Developer by one of the most elite fitness trainers in the industry, we think that’s spot on.

Be aware that it will require a lot of focus, discipline, dieting, and proper workouts. All of that comes with the program, which has already been sold 940 times. It has a rating of 5.0 stars from 15 reviews, with many recommending AJAC’s other programs too. The man simply knows what needs to be done to get the Wolverine bod instead of being stuck a dad bod.

How Much Does It Cost?

Certainly less than a private trainer cost. The basic version of the program which includes the PDF and three personal training degree courses is $53. The great news is that it includes two free extras worth $85:

  • AJAC Guide to Intermittent Fasting ($50)
  • AJAC Old-School Fat Loss Plan ($35)

You get those two for free including the 3-stage Wolverine program. There’s a Cerebral version too which costs $83 and includes the AJAC life training log which makes tracking performance and dieting easier. It’s still less than a gym trainer cost for five months.

Does it Really Work?

Yes, it does. If you’re familiar with AJAC, you know how successful his programs are. The program trains every part of your body and details individual workouts. The three training stages include two months of strength and foundation work; two months of hypertrophy training which builds your muscle volume; and one month of explosivity training.

Diet advice and considerations are included as well so you can become the Wolverine in a short time. By the end of the program, the only thing you’ll need is messy hair and a beard.

How Do I Buy the Course?

Register on Gumroad and log in to buy the course. Simply put it in your basket and pay with one of the recommended payment methods. You’ll have it in a minute.

The Wolverine Program Gumroad Course Pros & Cons


  • In-depth program that trains your entire body and every muscle group
  • Not a simple fat loss plan
  • Two extras by AJAC worth $85 in total
  • Transforms your body to look like the iconic character
  • Meal advice included


  • A bit costlier than a simple weight loss plan
  • Five months is a bit too much for beginners


Let’s just be frank – we all dream of getting Hugh Jackman’s physique in the iconic role. Of course, it won’t come overnight, and without focus and sacrifice. Even then, it requires pretty detailed workouts that you can’t do without a guide. AJAC’s Wolverine Program is the missing link, promising that particular physique in just five months.

All that remains is to find a doctor on the black market, some adamantium, and getting mutant abilities, hopefully naturally and not by a traumatic event.