Airbnb Mastery Course

Airbnb Mastery Course

Airbnb Mastery Course

In today’s modern world, we are blessed enough to have such a powerful machine, such as the internet, that allows people from all walks of life and any location to start earning money online by being innovative along with some tenacity to start creating a self-sustained income stream. Many of us already have a 9-5 day job but could still do with a little extra income on the side, but honestly, who has the time to take on a second job whilst dealing with normal family life?

Luckily many people on the internet take their success stories and turn them into step-by-step recipes for others to copy and start their own earning potential from the comfort of their homes by utilizing the internet. Gumraod is one such website that connects those that want to share with those that want to learn and earn. In this article, we will focus on a real estate course and how you can start earning with Airbnb by correctly utilising your rental property.

Introduction to Airbnb Mastery

Many people might think that having a property available for rent and simply listing it on Airbnb is all that is needed to start earning some big bucks. But most people will be wrong, the competition in the Airbnb rental space is quite fierce, and most people will struggle to get bookings for their Airbnb listings without knowing some of the ins and outs to be aware of. This course will also be an added benefit as a requirement to be a real estate agent.

Some of the key points in this course include:

  • Understanding core concepts of creating a business on Airbnb
  • Learn exact techniques and formulas to create a good profit
  • Create self-sustainable systems
  • How to start earning rental income within 48 hours
  • How to effectively build a team and outsource certain tasks

This course will not require you to have any previous experience or knowledge in the industry and will only further your real estate education. You will need access to the internet on a computer, and there is no special software needed to get started with these real estate investing classes. You will, of course, be required to have at least one property to list and to have some start-up capital to invest in furnishing the property.  

What you will learn

In this property management training, you will learn proven methods that have worked over the past two years to earn over $10k per month. You can also put these methods and tactics to use by not even owning any property to still be able to turn a significant turn-over on a monthly basis.

This course is not to be confused with a get-rich-quick scheme and simply outlines a proven method to earn part-time or even full-time money by applying and executing proven real estate fundamentals. It can also be viewed as an online realtor course that can further your knowledge of the industry and can aid in any other real estate training program you might be involved in. Your earning potential will be directly correlated to your ability to correctly execute and implement the key methods in this course.

Some of the key concepts contained in this course:

  • How to set up a proper listing and optimize the correct settings
  • Some of the core concepts of being a host
  • The core concepts of creating a lifestyle business
  • Building a team to outsource some of the work
  • How to correctly scale up your business
  • A start-to-finish guide to every aspect of the business

If you are currently involved in realtor training, this course will be an invaluable addition your realtor training.

Cost & Bonuses

This course goes into extreme detail on how to exactly get your rental business profitable from day one. The course also covers some of the topics you might find in a real estate management course. Not only will you receive the step-by-step guides, but you will also get on-going support from the authors including chat sessions and private messages.

By only having to invest a once-off payment of USD 500, this is considered good value for money, especially considering that you will get continued support from the authors after the course has been completed.

How to buy the course?

To gain access to this and other courses like it is a painless process. Simply register a free account with Gumroad and log into the dashboard. From here, you can navigate to the “Discovery’ section and either search for the course by name or explore others like it in the entrepreneur’s section. Browse the courses that pique your interest and add them to your cart, then simply check out with your preferred payment method.

Pros and Cons


  • Get one on one private sessions with the authors.
  • Get continued support even after the course is finished
  • A step-by-step detailed guide on every aspect of setting up your business
  • No prior knowledge or specialised equipment is needed.
  • Working formulas that have already been tested
  • Learn the fundamentals of analyzing real estate investments


  • No mention is made of a possible refund.


This course seems to be a good introduction to getting started with a rental business, and the authors seem genuine. There are no false promises of guaranteed returns or quick cash to be made, but instead, it relies on good business practises along with good tutoring and support networks to get you profitable in the short to mid-term.

The authors also invite you to take a tour of some of their existing properties to showcase the legitimacy of their business plans and practices, as well as give one-on-one screen time with you.

Authors are rarely willing to spend individual time with students after the courses are complete, and this is surely one of the key attributes that stand out in this course. All considered this course can be viewed as good value for money.

How Do I Buy the Course?